May 23, 2017

Srđan Rajčević, the cheef executive of Agency for Information society of Republic of Srpska will sign, in the name of The Government of Republic of Srpska, agreement with Microsoft company called „Microsoft Government Security Program“ in Redmond, USA.

The main goal of this agreement is safer business implementation for institutions in Republic of Srpska. The agreement will be signed by Rajčević on one, and the vice president of the Microsoft company, Scott Charney, on other side.

The Government of Republic of Srpska will be the first one in region to sign this kind of agreement.

Microsoft company is currently working with governments all around the word to help them to provide and implement safer IT structure and aim is to help and protect citizens, companies and public institutons from IT attack. With this program, the sigantors will be able tocontrol their source code for important Microsoft products trough the Microsoft transparency centers, but also will have access to Microsoft Inteligency threats base and service access to information about key cloud service of the company.  

This agreement is extension to previous signed memorandum between The Government of Republic of Srpska and Microsoft company.