April 04, 2016

Today at the Banjaluka Stock Exchange (BLSE) Republika Srpska has sold T-bills with the value of 24.8 million BAM.

The auction has been concluded with a single price of 99.2576 and interest rate of 1.5%.

The Ministry of Finance has decided to sell more than planned because of the favorable conditions regarding to the interest rate.

Date of auction​ 04.04.2016
Planned amount of the issue 15,000,000
Accepted amount of the issue 24,814,400.00
Date of payment 05.04.2016
Total amount of submitted bids 32,562,726.90
Total amount of accepted bids 24,814,400.00
Symbol of treasury bill RS16-T05
Highest offered price at interest rate price 99.5295 / interest rate 0.9480%
Lowest offered price at interest rate price 99.0126 / interest rate 2.0000%
Single price at interest rate price 99.2576 / interest rate 1.5000%
Date of maturity

Source: Vladars.net