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Banja Luka: Smart Parking App Launched


At the Sports Hall ”Borik” public parking lot and garage in Banja Luka, the application called “Smart parking”, made by Rastko Željković and Dragan Ivanović, students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Danilo Vuković, student of the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka, have been promoted and put into use today.

Ivanović explained to reporters in Banja Luka that through the mobile application “Smart parking” or the website www.pametniparking.com , users can get information about vacant parking spaces in a certain parking lot and more detailed information on parking zones and prices, at any time.

“The system we designed, was installed at the public parking lot at the Sports Hall ”Borik” and after the test phase, the application and the display of free parking spaces at the very entrance to the parking lot functioned perfectly. The project of the app’s trial run was realized with the logistic and financial support of Prointer ITSS Company from Banja Luka as a gift to the City of Banja Luka “, said Ivanović.

He recalled that thanks to this application, they won second place in the competition “Mojih pet minuta” a year ago, winning a cash prize for their business idea.

“The development of the application began as part of the young developers’  camp at Banja Luka’s Grammar  School. In building the application, we used artificial intelligence algorithms to identify vehicle cameras entering the parking lot, where camera replaces the worker who should be standing there counting vehicles. “, explained Ivanović.

He added that the information is also available in English.

The app is student-owned, as well as all copyrights.




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