April 03, 2014

B&H could get 54 million EUR from IPA 2 funds. Representatives of the European Union expect the government to offer its priorities for this year, which is possible without an established coordination mechanism.

At the joint meeting of representatives of the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina a draft for projects for 2014, which will be financed from the EU’s IPA2, was agreed in principle. The priorities will be discussed in the coming days by entity governments and the Council of Ministers. Basically, these are economic and social projects which will be able to be achieved without an established coordination mechanism.

Priorities for funding from IPA 2, proposed by the European Commission through the Directorate for European Integration, are focused on four areas: democracy and governance, rule of law and fundamental rights, as well as economic and social development.

The final version of the document for the projects 2014-2017 will be formed in the next few weeks, after internal consultations of entity governments and the Council of Ministers.

The biggest obstacle on the way towards the realization of designed projects is the lack of a coordination mechanism. Entity Prime Ministers believe that all levels of government should participate in the implementation of the mechanism, and the European Union reminds that there is no progress without it, nor European funds in the long run.