October 12, 2016

Members comprising a majority in the Republika Srpska Parliament today filed a motion with the BiH Constitutional Court requesting that it assesses the constitutionality of the BiH law declaring March 1 as BiH Independence Day.

The Head of the SNSD Caucus, Radovan Viskovic, told reporters in Banjaluka that March 1 does not reflect the will of all the three constituent peoples in BiH.

“This date has been declared [a holiday] without Serb representatives. March 1 is tied exclusively to Bosniaks and Croats, and by that, the Serbian people was placed in a subordinate position. The BiH Constitutional Court must protect the rights of all in BiH, including the Serbs. March 1 is celebrated in only one part of BiH,” Viskovic has said.

He said that the motion regarding March 1 was filed by all members comprising a majority in the Republika Srpska Parliament. The motion was not signed by the opposition and members of the Domovina [Homeland] Coalition.

Viskovic added that 45 members comprising a parliamentary majority supported the motion by their signatures.

Source: Srna