August 26, 2016

The decision of the Appellate Panel of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina /BiH/ ordering Republika Srpska to register the immovable property including Ministry of Defence buildings in Han Pijesak as the State property is a breach of the State Constitution and an act of violence, Srpska President Milorad Dodik said.

“The court that was formed beyond the provisions of a constitution violates the Constitution, since it’s a fact that property in BiH was divided by the Dayton Peace Agreement, which clearly stipulates that what is explicitly given to BiH actually belongs to BiH and that everything else has to be agreed by the parties. Such a deal has never existed, while the court passes judgements. This is violence,” Dodik told reporters in Zvornik on Thursday.

The BiH Court is tutored and makes such decisions bypassing the Constitution, said the Srpska president.

“All this indicates there is neither justice nor judiciary here, rather political violence and Ottoman-like imperialism reflected in the efforts to now incorporate everything through some alleged judicial decisions, which they are not, because they are not based on the Constitution,” Dodik said.

This is deeply disappointing and a bad message to everyone, according to the president.

“In my opinion, everybody’s aware that we have to stand together and fight against such behaviour,” said Dodik, who is also the leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/.

When the SNSD had representatives in Sarajevo, he submitted, not a single such decision could have been made because it was immediately clear that the SNSD would say they didn’t want to work in such a BiH anymore.

“Today we have some other representatives from Republika Srpska /in the joint BiH institutions/ and they can apparently miss everything. That’s a major problem, but it will be solved. There will come a time when we will have to draw the line and figure out how to move forward,” Dodik said.

Any further degradation of Republika Srpska’s status and power must be halted, the president pointed out.

“The treacherous policy of Bosic /Mladen, SDS leader/ and his posse has to stop. Had they not encouraged the Muslims to make such decisions and act this way, this would never have happened. Before their term, you couldn’t find any BiH Court decision made in such a dreadful, unconstitutional and illegal manner,” Dodik added.

After more than 12 months of deliberating, the BiH Court Appellate Panel rendered a judgement ordering Republika Srpska to register the immovable property including the Ministry of Defence buildings in Han Pijesak as the state property of Bosnia and Herzegovina, agencies reported on Thursday.

Source: Srna