August 04, 2014

BiH Finance Minister Nikola Spiric said yesterday that BiH will disappear before it goes bankrupt.

“The economic situation in BiH is complex, as is in all countries, but bankruptcy is nowhere in sight,” Spiric said, commenting on an article published by the British Euromoney Magazine, claiming that BiH has the greatest chance of going bankrupt in the near future.

He says that this is an election story so that other political parties might get in power in the coming elections.

“The story of bankruptcy brings the message that only change in the elections can bring stability,” Spiric said, adding that the IC has its fingers in this.

Concluding that BiH will not go bankrupt, Spiric said that some other countries are threatened with bankruptcy.

“BiH is not in a happy situation and it is in a similar position to the countries in the region, but may be more stable,” Spiric said.

BiH has the greatest chance of going bankrupt in the near future, and it is ahead of Belorussia, the Ukraine and Rwanda, reports Euromoney Magazine.

The Magazine claims that May’s floods, because of which the country took additional loans, high unemployment rate, corruption and continued political instability, are the reasons for this.

BiH is still B rated by Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s, while other countries which are in similar situation and at risk of bankruptcy are ranked C.