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City Mall to be constructed in Banjaluka


The construction of the largest shopping center in Banja Luka, worth 60 million KM, is expected to begin next year. The mall will cover an area of 9.000 square meters and will be located across the street from the Confederation of Trade Unions of Srpska.

Nenad Luburic, a businessman from Banjaluka, explained that after ten years of ownership issues surrounding the mentioned parcel of land, the conceptual design for the construction of a shopping mall in the center of Banjaluka has been chosen.

Luburic confirmed that he is in the process of gathering the documentation so that construction can begin. He added that he hopes the City of Banjaluka and state authorities will recognize this project as a good investment and will facilitate the speedy resolution of construction documents.

The shopping center is expected to be completed in 2017 and will create about 700 new jobs, as well as facilitate a substantial cash flow into the city’s budget.



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