February 18, 2014

The draft decision on awarding the concession for the exploitation of coal deposits “Delici and Peljave – Tobut”, in Ugljevik and Lopare, reads that the total value of the investment is 203,498,195 million KM.

Namely, the initiative on the award of the concession was launched by “Comsar Energy”. The initiative emphasizes that the implementation of the project should constantly employ 261 people and a 150 temporarily.

On the basis of the studies made, this area has 35,838,453 tons of mineable reserves, while the planned annual coal production is two million tons.

The identified reserves will allow for exploitation for the next 19 years. Coal from the said deposits should be used for the thermal power plant “Ugljevik 3” and for generating electricity.

The implementation of the concession will allow for the stability of the energy sector, which is of general interest for Republika Srpska, reads the draft decision.