March 30, 2016

Focus of allocation and distribution of public funds should be complementary with the full government of funds management, from strategic planing to the evaluation of the effects spent funds, has been said on introduction for Conference ”Trasnsparent allocation of public funds – good practice and EU models” which is being held on Jahorina.

”The last available confirmed data from 2012 say that 100 million BAM was allocated to civil sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The largest percent, about 40% was committed for the sport organizations, 15% for the associations of the war veterans, 12% for organizations of social service, and 33% for the other organizations who are dealing with human rights, anti-corruption, ecology and other areas”, sad Goran Kucera, older adviser i Ministry of Justice BiH, during the introduction speech.


Those funds were placed from the budget more than 300 institutions from all government levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the shown sum points the fact that transparent procedures are more than necessary to ensure efficient spending the funds of citizens.

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Slavica Draskovic, TACSO BiH resident consultant

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