November 07, 2017

Digitization of the court archive of the RS should take place as a part of the project of online registration of business entities.

According to some preliminary estimates, there are about 13 million pages that need to be digitized.

“Our intention is to improve the field of business registration through this project, in order to create a more favorable business environment, and in which the registration of business entities in the RS will be simplified, much faster and it will be more efficiently resolved,” said spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior of the RS, Sanja Dzombic.

The funds for the implementation of the project are almost entirely secured from donor sources, according to Dzombic.

The amount of 40,000 BAM is needed to be allocated for the engagement of controllers of the process of digitization of court archives when it comes to the business related courts.

The World Bank Group already announced an international tender for the selection of contractors for the process of digitization.