August 01, 2016

Republika Srpska Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Petar Djokic, has announced that he will initiate the procedure for the adoption of a special law, which would define concern for the population of Western Krajina municipalities that need Republika Srpska’s support.
“Republika Srpska should help Western Krajina municipalities because hardworking people and good hosts reside in these areas, who will best know how to take advantage of our support no matter whether it is directed to the economy, agriculture, infrastructure or social sector,” said Djokic in Bosanski Petrovac after the talks held with Bishop Atanasije of Bihac-Petrovac, and added that there are certain formal, legal and administrative obstacles currently not providing enough opportunities for full institutional support.

Minister Djokic said that the adoption of this law would be to the benefit of all residents, regardless of their nationality and that he expected a far greater support to these extremely underdeveloped municipalities from both cantonal government and the government of Federation of BiH.

“Bishop Atanasije informed me about the problems the Serb returnee population is dealing with and numerous activities that the Church is doing in order to maintain, spiritually renew and build up this region. His role in all of this is immeasurable, and we want to help him do it,” said Djokic.

Bishop Atanasije said that he was extremely honored by the visit which, according to him, confirmed that the area covered by the Diocese of Bihac-Petrovac was in the heart of Minister Djokic and that the Government of Republika Srpska would continue to take care of the returnees and the Serbian Orthodox Church in this region.

“We will try to finalise the grand work our predecessors have started, such as the construction of church in Bihac, which the minister promised to assist under his competences,” concluded Bishop Atanasije.

Source: Srna