February 15, 2017

In a greeting to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic sent on the occasion of Serbia’s Statehood Day, Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik today wished Serbia much success in its development.

“Serbia is our motherland and this is why we have special respect for this holiday. Serbia today has a great importance in the region and I am convinced that it, as a democratic and stable community, will continue building a prosperous society and will continue on the path to the great family of European nations,” said Dodik in his greeting.

Dodik has expressed the conviction that brotherly relations and cooperation at all levels between Serbia and Srpska will be additionally reinforced in the coming period.

“Dear Mr. President, receive the expressions of my special respect with the best wishes for a strong, stable and progressive Serbia,” said Dodik in his greeting to the Serbian President.

Source: Srna