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Dodik: One Million BAM for the Serb Community in the Federation of BiH


The Executive Committee of the SNSD concluded yesterday that the institutions of the Republika Srpska should provide one million BAM for the Serb community in the Federation of BiH.

SNSD leader Milorad Dodik has said that discrimination against the Serb people is in force in the FBiH because they not provided them development projects, thus trying to influence their new displacement.

“About one million BAM will be provided for that support”, Dodik said.

The SNSD proposed to the Government that, from the resources provided through the International Monetary Fund, should allocate 30 million BAM to all municipalities in Srpska next week in order to repair the consequences of the crisis related to the coronavirus.

Dodik added that the session of the Executive Committee discussed the political and security situation in BiH, as well as migrants.

When it comes to the agreement between HDZ and SDA regarding the elections in Mostar, Dodik said that, in that regard, he was dissatisfied with the exclusion of the Serb people.

“We believe that the national structure was not respected according to the 1991 census. The percentage of our participation as a constituent people has been reduced. Therefore, we will decide in this regard when it comes to supporting the announced changes to the Election Law that should enable Mostar elections. We talked about that topic with our representatives in that city”, he explained.

He added that the desire is to provide an authentic political representation of Serbs in that sense, without it being a camouflage in the direction of the participation of Serbs on the lists of political parties of other constituent peoples.

Dodik said that the SNSD, with its conclusions, obliged the Chairman of the Council of Ministers to propose a decision on financing the local elections in BiH, in order, among other things, to avoid any malfeasance in that sense.

The leader of the SNSD said that there would be no election of the Minister of Security /proposal of the SDA – Selmo Cikotić/, until all the appointments that have passed the procedures are completed.


Source: SRNA


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