April 02, 2014

Director for Economic and Financial Affairs of the “Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska” Blagoje Supic said that electricity in Srpska is the cheapest in the region and that there won’t be a cost increase in the near future.

Industrial electricity provided by the industry in Srpska is 84% cheaper than that of the “Electric Power Industry of the Croatian Community of Herceg –Bosna”, 75 % cheaper than that of “Electricity B&H”, 4% than the “Serbian Electric Power Industry” and 64 % cheaper than in Montenegro. Industrial electricity in Croatia is a whole 113% more expensive than that in Srpska, explained Supic.

Noting that the situation is very similar when it comes to household electricity, Supic said that this type of electricity is 67% cheaper than that in Croatia, 40% then Montenegro and 15% cheaper than electricity provided by “Electricity B&H”.