November 23, 2017

Head of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU Special Representative Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark will host the #BalkanTubEU event for children and young people on Friday, 24 November, starting at 18:00 hrs in the EU House in Sarajevo.

On this occasion, Ambassador Wigemark will join young and influential You Tubers from the region, including Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ‘Huligani iz gimnazije’ and Nedim Lepić, as well as dozens of their fans, to discuss violence, discrimination and prejudice affecting the youngest.

On Saturday, 25 November, the EU in BiH will also support and participate at the two events within the Balkan Tube Fest, the region’s largest YouTube festival, taking place in Sarajevo, Dom Mladih, Skenderija. Thousands of children, young people and their parents will gather at the festival of YouTube culture, promoting core EU values -tolerance and social inclusion.