October 13, 2015

The conclusions on BiH, adopted this morning at the meeting of EU foreign ministers, were adopted without debate because the stance of all European member states is unequivocal – the perspective of the country is in a united and sovereign country, and in this light they greet the adoption of the reform agenda, which is marked as credible implementation of what BiH leaders are obliged.

It is essential to continue on this track, the ministers said in the conclusions on BiH, and to provide guidelines for the legitimate demands of citizens who want a more stable country and better life. Fulfilling the agenda, they recall, is a necessary precondition for a credible application for BiH’s EU membership.

The announced referendum in RS raises serious concerns in the Union, and its ministers warn that holding it not jut undermines the efforts to improve the socioeconomic situation and progress toward European integration, but represents a threat to the very survival of the country, its integrity, and sovereignty.

Open judiciary questions should be resolved through structural dialogue, not by a referendum, Europe’s ministers say.

Source: Oslobodjenje.ba