July 14, 2017

The Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BihH) hosted a photo exhibition “The Fathers in Sweden,” made by a photographer Johan Bavman. The photographs show group of fathers who decided to stay home and to take care of their babies for six months.

The main thing that Bravman wants to examine is why these fathers made the decision to stay home and to care for children. Moreover, he is interested in what kind of experience this is, and to show the effect of gender equality in parenting on an individual and society.

The exhibition was already exhibited in the BiH History Museum, is confirmed by the first secretary of the Swedish Embassy in Sarajevo, Karin Lissola.

“We started a project with fathers from BiH who also decided to take care of their children, it is possible to apply on Facebook and sign up. Fathers should send pictures with children and we will make an exhibition with these pictures in November,” – said Lissola Feni.

Photographs of twenty-five fathers from Sweden taking care of their children can be seen at the exhibition that is placed at the entrance to the Swedish Embassy building in Sarajevo.