June 11, 2014

Slovenian representative Tanja Fajon announced that she will continue to advocate for the expansion of the EU to the Western Balkans.

“I sincerely hope that it will be within the framework of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina (and other countries, depending on the new structure of delegation), where I would like to take the some of the high level positions. In this way, in my day to day work within the EP, I would be familiar with the situation in BiH and the progress in European integration,” Fajon said in the interview for today’s Oslobođenje.

Asked whether in the new mandate her mission will be more difficult, due to the strengthening of the right wing in the EU, Fajon said she believes it wont.

“I have already said that I think that – despite the new, far-right, nationalist forces in the European Parliament, the expansion would remain on the agenda of the EU. Perhaps, because of the extreme positions of the newly elected MPs, the debate on the enlargement of the European Parliament would be louder, but I believe they will not affect the final agreement,” said Fajon.