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Foreign investments vital to BH


The Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investment FIPA in BH, together with its partners, this year visited 30 small and medium foreign-invested enterprises that have so far invested around 180 million EUR.

Out of that number 82 % belong to the manufacturing sector and have 4,366 employees, including 2,375 new employees, said the Director of FIPA, Jelica Grujic.

She pointed out that 92.9 % of these companies plan to expand production by introducing new operations, modernizing production, improving product quality and reinvestment.

According to Grujic, it is clear that these companies are realizing their economic interest in BH and many of them are carriers of local economic development.

Foreign investors are very interested in natural and human resources in BH, the openness of markets and geographical location and low operating costs, said Grujic.

Referring to the report of the UN Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD 2013, which concluded that investments on the global level have fallen by 18 % in comparison to last year, Grujic confirmed that this trend was also recorded in BH and that the inflow of foreign direct investment reached 558 million in 2012 which is not satisfactory.

She pointed out that “one positive word of a satisfied investors is worth more than a 100 by others”.

The Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investment in BH named “Granmir & CO.” Medjugorje, “Fl Wood” Foca, “Alpina -Bromi ” Tešanj, and ” Sisecam soda” Lukavac as the most important investors in BH in 2012. This manifestation is held every year with the aim of offering support and acknowledging companies whose investments were most significant in the previous year.


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