March 14, 2014

Republika Srpska produced a total of 67,238 cubic meters of various forest products in January, or 32.8% more than in the same period last year, as Balkans Business News reported.

Of the total quantity of mass, the deciduous related 39,753 cubic meters, and the coniferous assortments of 27,485 cubic meters. In the production were the most numerous logs – 19,085 cubic meters of softwood and 15,334 cubic meters of hardwood.

Among the assortment is produced and 19,211 cubic meters of fuel wood sawmills, and 6,442 cubic meters of softwood suitable for pulp and chemical processing.

In January,Srpska sold a total of 45,943 cubic meters of various forest products, or more than 59.9% in January last year.

Most of the logs sold – 13,711 cubic meters of softwood and 14,775 cubic meters of hardwood.