February 28, 2014

The Public Enterprise „Forests of Srpska“ in 2013 generated total revenues of 178.8 million KM, according to the report on the financial plan for last year.

Most of the business income came from product sales, which made up 87% of total revenues, while revenues from purpose sources reached 12,9 million KM.

The total profit made by this public enterprise amounted to 5, 175, 333 KM, while its two organizational units, „Panos“ Visegrad and „Jahorina“ Pale, operated at a loss.

The report on the financial plan for 2013 includes all activities of the company and in almost all aspects of planing good results were achieved.

Significant investments in silvicultural works were made in 2013, as well as the reconstruction of truck roads, and the purchase of fixed assets and other investments totaling 15 million KM.