November 26, 2017

Greece looks forward to the addition of Serbia in EU so that, together with other member states, we will be able to secure a prosperous future in the Balkans. We look with optimism on a productive and fruitful cooperation in the years to come. The roots of the strong, friendly relations between Serbian and Greek people can be found back in the 13th century.

During the history in our common area the two nations consolidated tight bonds of mutual friendship, that today serve as solid base of the construction of not only political but also economic, educational and cultural relations between the two states. 

It is undoubtfully impressive how the Serbian-Greek relations are recently improving by numerous visits between high rank officials of the two Governments. Besides the exchange of visits of Presidents and members of the two Parliaments, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visited Belgrade in 2017, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić visited Athens in July, followed by the meeting of the two Governments in Thessaloniki the same month, during which numerous bilateral agreements were signed.

Recently, in October, the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos visited officially the Republic of Serbia, being the first head of state visiting President Aleksandar Vučić. They both concluded that the two states had developed a relationship without open issues.

Mr. Pavlopoulos, during October visit to Belgrade, met also with Serbian PM Ana Brnabić, and they agreed that bilateral relations between the two countries are traditionally good. Past is the beginning of the future and our common history justifies our optimism for a productive and fruitful cooperation in the years to come.


Source: diplomacyandcommerce