July 24, 2017

Igor Arsenic defended the title that he won last year in jumps from the City Bridge in Banja Luka, and he won the highest grades in the final series and the maximum number of points, according to the organizers.

The second place went to a young man also from Banja Luka Djordje Gajic, while the third place went to Aleksandar Aleksic from Uzice. According to the five-member jury, Arsenic performed his jump perfectly.

The jumps from the City Bridge took place as part of the event “Summer on the Vrbas”, which is held for the 64th time this year.

“Jumps represent the trademark of our manifestation and they attracted thousands of participants and spectators this year. I am very happy that Banja Luka passed this exam and that many tourists enjoyed this year’s jumps,” said the director of Tourist Board of Banja Luka Ostoja Barasin.

Besides jumps, several more events were held on Sunday. On the beach near the Green Bridge participants were competing in the preparation of the best pot soup, the climbing club “Soko” organized rock climbing, and the jury chose the most unusual sailing object.