April 22, 2014

Considering the many inquiries from B&H citizens about jobs in the State of Qatar, the Labor and Employment Agency warns citizens that, although the Agreement between the Council of Ministers and the Government of the State of Qatar on regulating employment of B&H citizens in the State of Qatar has been signed, it has not yet entered into force as it needs to pass the ratification procedures in both countries.

“All ads for jobs in the State of Qatar which are currently offered on the Internet, in news or otherwise, are not associated with the signed Agreement, nor is employment regulated in such a way as it would be when the Agreement enters into force. Thus, we are appealing to the public to be especially careful when contacting people who offer jobs in the State of Qatar now,” said the Labor and Employment Agency.

When the Agreement enters into force the recruitment will be conducted through the Labor and Employment Agency in collaboration with the entity institutes and cantonal employment services and the Brcko employment agency.

Requirements for engaging workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina will have to contain the following information: the necessary qualifications, experience and specialization, the likely duration of the contract, the detailed conditions of employment, particularly wages, severance pay at the end of the service, a probationary period and benefits related to transportation, health care and housing, as well as basic information that can allow workers to opt for signing an employment contract.

Source: ekapija.ba