March 13, 2014

The amendment to the Law on the establishment of a company for the transmission of electricity in B&H was adopted at a session of the House of Peoples of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly.

The amendment of Article 17th of the Law on establishing a company for the transmission of electricity in B&H will enable the distribution of income, which is of particular interest to both entities.

The amendments foresee for the Assembly to decide on the manner of the distribution of profits, including accumulated profits, at the proposal of the managing board and in accordance with the adoption of financial reports.

At the meeting of the RS Prime Minister, Zeljka Cvijanovic, and FB&H Prime Minister, Nermin Niksic, with representatives of the European Commission in Brussels, in January, it was concluded that the profit of “Elektroprenos B&H” in the amount of 100 million BAM can be distributed, and that the remaining amount can be used for investments.