February 09, 2017

Anent SDA Leader Bakir Izetbegovic’s announcement on initiating revision of BiH’s lawsuit against Serbia before the International Court of Justice, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, Nedeljko Cubrilovic, has told SRNA that it is clear that this is not the lawsuit of any nation in general, but a lawsuit of a single political party in BiH against other country.

“In this manner, the BiH Presidency member is destroying both the Constitution and the law of BiH, since it is clear that the review of the state lawsuit cannot happen without a decision of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also clear that the BiH Presidency has no unified position on this; or more precisely, two members of the BiH Presidency are against the review, which is why there is no legal basis to restart the process,” said Cubrilovic.

He has asked how it is possible that Sakib Softic is still the representative of a state in the lawsuit, which was written during the war in 1993, whose choice he is and who authorized him to represent BiH in this case and for how long.
“It is clear that Softic has no legitimacy to submit a request for revision of the lawsuit until an answer to these questions is received and the BiH Presidency decides about it,” said Cubrilovic.

According to him, Izetbegovic’s statement that, because of this, BiH will face the greatest post-war or post-Dayton crisis is absolutely worrying.

Cubrilovic has pointed out that this means that, by doing this, Izetbegovic has consciously decided to produce a crisis not only in BiH but also the region wide, which is not good because it is distancing us from the society we build and the European path and taking us back to the 90’s, adding that this statement “reminds us of his father’s statement that he would sacrifice peace for the country.”

“Because of all this, it is clear that this is about a political decision of a political party, which appropriates the role of the only representative of the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s interests. When it comes to the law, it is clear that some new facts, not older than six months, should occur in a new lawsuit in order to accept revision. Such facts do not exist and therefore the revision will not happen, but this move will lead to the complications in political relations in BiH and neighboring countries, which is an obvious goal of the SDA and Izetbegovic,” said Cubriloivic.

He has said that the creation of the case by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office against the BiH Presidency Chairman Mladen Ivanic, BiH Defence Minister Marina Pendes and her deputies for the participation of the soldiers in the celebration of January 9, the Republika Srpska National Day, is another political lawsuit without justification, because neither the law nor the Constitution was violated.

Source: Srna