Home Entertainment “Lord of the Dance” to perform in Banjaluka

“Lord of the Dance” to perform in Banjaluka


Ireland’s dance attraction “Lord of the Dance” will perform in Banjaluka, Sports Hall Borik, on Wednesday. This unique dance troupe is visiting the capital of Srpska for the second time and has once again prepared an unforgettable show for the public, confirmed the event organizers Croatian Agency “Editus”.

The world famous troupe, made up of more than 40 dancers, will perform a classic Celtic folk tale of good and evil. The founder of the “Lord of the Dance”, Michael Flatley, is the most successful dance star in history. Although he is no longer performing, Michael has passed on his knowledge to his dancers and still participates in their training.

Although ticket prices range from 30 KM to 100 KM , organizers say they are satisfied with sales.


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