February 09, 2015

In recent times people from Bosnia and Herzegovina are often involved in terror acts throughout the world, said the Interior Minister of Srpska, Dragan Lukac.

Lukac pointed out that the arrest of six BiH natives in the United States, on suspicion that they sent money and weapons to Islamic State, unfortunately confirms that when it comes to terrorism and extremism, Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves special attention.

“We must raise the level of alert to the highest possible level in order to be able to deal with such matters and prevent any damage to people or property on our territory,” Lukac told reporters.

The Interior Ministry is aware of the arrest of six BiH citizens in the U.S..

“Their (US’s) police agencies and security services had most probably been monitoring the case for a long time, got hold of some information and carried out the arrests,” said Lukac.

The US Department of Justice reported that six BiH natives had been arrested on suspicion that they sent money and arms to Islamic State and that they have all been charged with conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists.