April 06, 2017

Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic has stated this evening that a clear message that Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH are the engine enabling the movement of BiH towards the European Union was delivered to the Foreign Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson.

“Great Britain shows interest in our European path, but it alone is at the exit gate. Even Minister Johnson made a joke that they were making a place for us to more easily access the EU,” Cvijanovic told reporters in Istocno Sarajevo after meeting with the British foreign minister.

According to her, Johnson showed interest in real life in BiH in a meeting in Sarajevo, which was also attended by Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalic.

“The meeting was an opportunity to point out that our movements that we achieve at the entity level are blocked at the state level because there is no parliamentary majority and the BiH level fails to show the capacity, integrity and credibility,” stressed Cvijanovic.

She has stressed that it was pointed out during the meeting that the reforms being implemented at the entity level are being opposed at the BiH level, which complicates the process.

“Cooperation between the entities will continue. We understand the role of the UK. Although the UK is not a member of the EU, it is absolutely interested in everything that happens in the Western Balkans, what Minister Johnson clearly and openly said “, stated Cvijanovic.

She has added that the talk with the British Minister was interesting because of his vision of EU’s future.

“I do not belong to the kind of politicians who like pamphlets and talk about moving towards the EU, but do not understand what is happening with the EU. Exiting EU by certain powerful states, such as Great Britain, is a huge blow to the EU, the same one that we want to access,” said Cvijanovic.

Commenting on the announced conference on the Western Balkans in London in 2018, Cvijanovic has pointed out that, unfortunately, the entire region is treated in a political way and that too little attention is paid to the economic opportunities.

“We are not getting enough support there, primarily from the Western countries that are trying to encourage us on the European path. We have always been observed through the prism of politics, but never through the prism of our resources,” said the prime minister of Republika Srpska.

Cvijanovic has said that while representing the potentials of Republika Srpska, she pointed out that the hydropower potential is exploited with 30 percent, and that the remaining 70 percent is open for investments.

“And within these 30 percent, we are able to produce surpluses and sell electricity. There is also agriculture, which should be systematically approached when it comes to external investors, as well as forestry, mining and other raw materials,” she noted.

Cvijanovic introduced the reforms, which were implemented in the context of improving the business climate in Republika Srpska, to Johnson.

Source: Srna