October 04, 2016

The joint candidate of the Serb parties for the head of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujicic, told SRNA that the threatening text messages, that were sent to him, are kind of pressure on him to withdraw from the candidacy for the head of the municipality, which is unacceptable, because he does not represent himself only, but the Serb people.

Grujicic has said that he had never received threats earlier, so he reported this case to the Police Station Srebrenica. The police inspectors have identified the person whose phone the threatening message was sent from.

“I reported the case to the police and I was told that I would be adequately protected. I trust the security bodies of Republika Srpska and hope that everyone who blackmail and threaten will be found and punished because it is unacceptable that someone is threatened just because he is running for certain position to be elected in democratic elections,” said Grujicic.

Grujicic has pointed that he understands the hatred manifested in the threatening text message and the attempts of certain individuals and groups that do not choose methods to prevent his election as the head, but he has accepted the candidacy and is proudly waiting for the election results, expecting to be newly elected head of the municipality, where he was born and lives in with his family.

He has pointed out that the threats will not intimidate him. He believes that the police will do their job professionally and that the attempts to threaten and intimidate will stop.

The joint candidate of the Serb parties for the head of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujicic, yesterday received a new threatening text message at 20.10hrs on his private telephone, which reads that his family will be slaughtered if they do not move out from this municipality.

The message is vulgar and threatening, including curses and execution threats.

The first threatening text message was sent yesterday from protected phone number to the phone of Mladen’s wife, Zorica, which the Grujicics also reported to the police.

The yesterday’s message reads: “We will be following you and your husband as of today. Regards to both of you. Be wise.”

Source: Srna