April 11, 2017

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic stated Monday in Srebrenica that a new bridge between Bratunac and Ljubovija, which has already been dubbed “Bratoljub” / brother-loving/, will connect the two banks of the Drina by the end of April or early May and that it will be finished in the autumn.
Apart from the construction of this bridge, another 11 bridges between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be reconstructed over the next 12 months, said Mihajlovic.

According to her, Serbia advocates regional links, peace, stability and cooperation and specifically wants to get connected with BiH, the country with which it has significant trade as well as other forms of cooperation, including assistance in the recovery and development of Srebrenica, for which Serbia allocated EUR5 million.

“The commenced projects, such as the bridge over the Drina, a kindergarten and a road in Srebrenica need to be completed and we have to insist that the contractors respect the deadlines and comply with quality standards. Thereafter, there are new joint projects, while in Srebrenica the construction of some other infrastructure facilities and commercial warehouses will begin before autumn, the goal being to stimulate production and generate new jobs,” Mihajlovic pointed out.

It is important that Serbia is stable, she said, which the previous elections and appointment of Aleksandar Vucic as president have shown. This guarantees stability and peace in the region, as well as the continuation of the commenced projects and activities, said the Serbian minister.

“Despite peaceful post-election protests, which have been staged in some cities over the past few days, Serbia is politically stable and protests are a democratic right in all democratic countries, including Serbia,” concluded Mihajlovic.

Source: Srna