December 26, 2017

The BiH Minister of Finance and Treasury, Vjekoslav Bevanda, has told SRNA that his Ministry prepared a decision on provisional financing of BiH institutions and BiH’s international obligations for the first quarter of the year 2018 and that the decision should be before the BiH Council of Ministers at a session on Thursday, December 28.

Bevanda has explained that the decision on provisional financing is made by the BiH Council of Ministers and that no voting in the BiH Parliament is needed.

He has said that the decision on provisional financing secures funds at the level of expenditures in the same quarterly period of this year.

Bevanda has expressed doubt that the BiH Parliament will adopt a BiH Budget by the end of the year having a mind a necessary procedure.

Federal media reported that SDA members of the BiH House of Representatives asked House chairperson Borjana Kristo to call an emergency session where MPs would review a BiH budget for 2018. 


Source: srna