December 27, 2018

Children from Republika Srpska sent more than 8,000 letters to Santa Claus this year, of which 1,100 from the Bijeljina region, announced “Post of Srpska”.

Children from kindergartens and lower grades of elementary schools participated in the writing, while “Post of Srpska” prepared a total of 500 packages for the most beautiful works from all over the Republic of Srpska.

In the most beautiful letter to Santa Claus, Slađana Petrović from Bijeljina sent a message of love and solidarity to Serbian children in Kosovo and Metohija and wanted all the children in the world to grow protected in the family.

This pupil of the ninth grade of the school in Dragaljevec today received a tablet in the “Post Office” in Bijeljina as the first prize in the region in the traditional action “I write a letter to Santa Claus” organized by “Post of Srpska”.

“For the sake of all children, thank you Santa Claus, as a symbol of every human being in the world who is doing well and brings joy to the children,” said Sladjan and invited the adults to solidarity and humanity.

The CEO of Posta Srpska for the development of information and communication technologies, sales and marketing, Zoran Protic, told reporters that this is a traditional event that encourages children to love writing.

“Santa Claus is part of the childhood of each of us, so we have been celebrating this manifestation for 12 years to develop children’s love for a written word, and to get to know them about addressing and sending letters,” Protić said.

Prizes for the three most beautiful letters are tablets, rollers and backpacks, and the ceremonial assignment was held simultaneously in the “Pošta Srpske” in Banja Luka, Prijedor, Doboj, Bijeljina, Brčko, Trebinje, Sokoc, Zvornik and Foča.

The organization and realization of this New Year’s activity “Pošta Srpske” was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska.