June 15, 2017

Second international art colony „Kolo 2017“ was opened at the Hercegovina museum in Trebinje. This years colony gathered 25 artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, FRY Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The outstanding creators will work in Museum of Hercegovina until June 18th. In the course of that, side by side organisators  will held several exhibits, art workshops, fashion shows and concerts.

The chairman of Trebinje Assembly, Dragoslav Banjak, at the opening ceremony said that this manifestation is very important, not just for Trebinje and Hercegovina but also for the Bosnia and Herzegovina because it gathered famous and acknowledged artist from six countries. One of the organisators, artist Dražen Milić recalled that this manifestation is based on anniversary of 60 years of Cultural Artistic Society „Alat“ and thanks to support of the city administration and Museum of Hercegovina this second colony is much more serious and will become a traditional event in this part of country.