September 01, 2016

There is no imaginable ban that could prevent the holding of the referendum on Srpska Day on September 25, President Milorad Dodik said late on Thursday.

In his opinion, the referendum is a poll and obtaining of the people’s opinion that will be respected by the politicians.

“The SDA /Party of Democratic Action/ cannot expect Srpska to calmly watch Bakir Izetbegovic abolish Republika Srpska Day,” Dodik told TV N1, pointing out that the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina had not even made a decision cancelling January 9.

There are a lot of different standards and no one should think Republika Srpska will put up with it, he said.

“There’s no compromise or objectivity because someone believes we should accept Bakir Izetbegovic’s request to abolish Republika Srpska Day and be silent about it,” said Dodik.

The people in Srpska are proud of what’s happening regarding the referendum on Srpska Day, he added.

“We won’t let the people down. The people want January 9 and January 9 they’ll have,” said the Srpska president.

Should the Central Election Commission of BiH fail to provide voter lists, Republika Srpska will re-examine its laws and put in charge an entity body of providing the lists instead of the CEC, Dodik asserted.

The referendum also gives an opportunity to the Bosniaks to express their political view, he underlined.

“They are free to either go to polls or not. That’s a political view too,” concluded Dodik.

In his opinion, the BiH Constitutional Court had not proved to be the place for making objective decisions.

“They only insist on the talk about Republika Srpska. How come that constitutionality of the Serbs in the Federation and cantons is not binding? Where are the Serbs in the House of Peoples of the Federation Parliament? How come no one has tried to resolve that issue by putting on the agenda the famous PIC /Peace Implementation Council/ which takes care of everything? Do they really believe there is no limit to reshaping and putting pressure just on the Serbs?” Dodik asked.

Source: Srna