January 05, 2017

 BiH Presidency Chairman Mladen Ivanic told SRNA today that Republika Srpska passed new law on January 9, which is valid and which noone has contested.

“Referring to the Constitutional Court’s decision while banning the members of the Third Infantry /Republika Srpska/ Regiment of the Armed Forces of BiH to take part in the celebration of Republika Srpska Day, January 9, is completely illegal,” said Ivanic.

This is, he warns, the continuation of careless policy present in Sarajevo.

Ivanic believes that this will be a prelude to a serious escalation of the political situation in BiH.

“The authors of such decisions hit what is the most important to the Serb people – the pride. Therefore, I will think about my possible moves, since we have an obligation towards the soldiers and officers, especially those who were members of the Army of Republika Srpska, to enable them to participate in all the events related to the marking of January 9, the Day of Republika Srpska”, says Ivanic.

He is of the opinion that such inappropriate decisions could leave negative consequences for BiH.

“Whoever believes that one will be able to determine dates to be celebrated by force, pressure and imposition, is terribly wrong and just destroys BiH”, Ivanic concluded.

The BiH Defence Ministry is going to approve the participation of the Military Orchestra of the Armed Forces of BiH – Banjaluka Band in the ceremonial activities on January 8 and 9, including laying wreaths at the commemoration for the fallen soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska, the National Liberation War and civil victims of the war, the Ministry announced today.

Source: Srna