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Novi Sad among the 20 most beautiful Christmas fairs in Europe in 2019


More than 280,000 of you have voted for the best Christmas markets in Europe.

The most beautiful Christmas markets in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary,… are waiting for you.

Beautiful Christmas lights, a gigantic Christmas tree, local and tasty food, mulled wine and gingerbread, a beautiful ice rink, original and handmade Christmas gifts, Christmas concerts, here are the ingredients for your next Christmas holiday, in family, with friends, alone or with your loved one.

If you do not have a flying magic sled, book your flights at the best price for a dream Christmas in Europe. We also offer millions of accommodations such as a magical stay in the Santa Claus Village in Finland and the best winter activities such as Christmas Markets tour in Vienna.

Want to make the most of your holidays? Discover the 100 most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, the most beautiful Christmas lights but also the most beautiful Christmas trees and the sunniest Christmas destinations in Europe.

Who will succeed Strasbourg (3 wins), Zagreb (3 wins) and Tallinn (1 win)? Discover the 20 best Christmas markets in Europe.

1. Budapest, Hungary

For many travellers the Advent Feast at the Basilica has been their favourite Christmas market in Hungary for a long time, but it’s official now, The Advent Feast at the Basilica is the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe!

Treat yourself to a fun afternoon on the ice rink and enjoy a glass of mulled wine and tradional Hungarian cuisine. Do not miss the lights show at night: it’s the biggest 3D light show in Europe!

In addition to being the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe, the Advent Feast at the Basilica deserves the title of Best Christmas market with the spirit of Christmas but also the title of Best eco-friendly Christmas market.

Advent Feast at the Basilica is held with a community spirit in mind: guests can enjoy charity-boosting concerts, and preserve the environment by using eco-friendly cups, and cutlery, while leftovers are being recycled.

2. Vienna, Austria

3. Gdansk, Poland

4. Brussels, Belgium

5. Montbeliard, France

6. Basel, Switzerland

7. Metz, France

8. Cluj-Napoca, Romania

9. Valkenburg, The Netherlands

10. Novi Sad, Serbia

Although Novi Sad was competing for the first time you already ranked it as one of the best Christmas market in Europe and the best in Serbia. Winterfest in Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia and the capital of the Province of Vojvodina, is the first and oldest Christmas Market in the country.

The biggest attraction is the big Singing Christmas Tree, where children and adult choirs from all over Vojvodina perform every day. The province is multicultural, therefore the choirs sing in 10 different languages (Serbian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Ruthenian, Croatian, Ladin, Yiddish, English, German and Russian).

Around 50 wooden chalets are set up in the historic centre of Novi Sad – Liberty Square. There is also the hay bales play area where city kids eager for natural materials can play carefree. After 30 years, organizers of the Winterfest have brought “fijakers” and horse-drawn carriages back to the streets of Novi Sad.

11. Trier, Germany

12. Prague, Czech Republic

13. Govone, Italy

14. Winchester, United Kingdom

15. Amiens, France

16. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

17. Cologne, Germany

18. Leipzig, Germany

19. Bratislava, Slovakia

20. Bath, United Kingdom


Source: europeanbestdestinations.com


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