August 31, 2016

The ambassadors of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council /PIC/, with dissenting Russia, called today the Republika Srpska Government not to hold a referendum on the Reublika Srpska Day.

The ambassadors urge BiH institutions to address this issue through the established legal procedures and the existing constitutional framework, and through constructive dialogue.

“In this context, we note that there are proceedings already ongoing before the BiH Constitutional Court that have been instituted by the representatives of the BiH institutions with the aim of assessing the constitutionality of the Republika Srpska National Assembly’s decision on referendum, as well as a request for review of the decision of the BiH Constitutional Court regarding the Law on Republika Srpska Holidays submitted by the Srpska National Assembly,” reads the statement by the ambassadors of the PIC Steering Board after the meeting held today in Sarajevo.

PIC Steering Board further calls on all parties in BiH to refrain from hasty measures and divisive rhetoric, which only deepen the negative political atmosphere.

Source: Srna