BiH i EU
February 12, 2014

Active participation by citizens is essential for a healthy democracy, whether in elections or other democratic actions, and is vital for the EU integration process, says the statement by the EU Heads of Missions on protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Taking part in protests in a peaceful and lawful manner is a right of citizens. Protests must be held peacefully and we condemn violent acts.

Violence, whether towards police, journalists, protestors, public or private property, is absolutely unacceptable.

“We expect all B&H authorities to act with due respect for public and private freedom of expression, the freedom of assembly and all legal procedures pertaining to anybody who is detained. In the current social, economic and political situation, open dialogue between citizens and authorities is of the highest importance,” according to the statement.

It is now vital that the leaders and politicians of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a first step, listen carefully to the concerns of all the citizens of this country.