December 06, 2017

The Chairman of the BiH Presidency, Dragan Covic, has said that the members of the BiH Presidency will adapt their positions on Serbia’s internal affairs to that of Belgrade.
At a press conference in Belgrade held after a meeting between the members of the BiH Presidency and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Covic said that it is the position of the Presidency that all issues of “good neighborly relations” must be resolved.

“We should resolve the issue of the border with Serbia and Croatia in the same way we resolved this issue with Montenegro,” Covic said.

He expressed regret over the fact that they did not manage to fully agree a resolution to the border issue today.

“We did not make use of the three months since President Vucic’s visit to Sarajevo. We had plenty of time since we have already defined in Sarajevo a model for the resolution of the issue of infrastructure concerning energy facilities and the border issue and it is shame that we did not make use of this time in a more adequate manner,” Covic has said.

He thanked Vucic for two alternatives he proposed in connection with a resolution to the border issue and added that BiH, just like Serbia, considers this issue as a priority one, since there is a possibility for this issue to become a problem on the path to European integration.

“When it comes to the border, this proposal was accepted today as a model and we, all three members of the BiH Presidency, by way of our representatives, will have to arrive at a final solution and to leave this issue behind,” Covic has said.

He has said that the proposal presented by the Serbian President is just for both sides, a gentlemen’s proposal in some segments, but added that it is hard to arrive at an agreement in BiH, both when it comes to a corridor towards Belgrade and energy facilities, because of the complexity of relations in BiH.

The meeting in Belgrade was also attended by BiH Presidency members Mladen Ivanic and Bakir Izetbegovic.


Source: srna