November 09, 2017

The Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Mladen Ivanic, has said that he will ask Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik and all Serbian officials to start talking every day about problems facing Serbs in Mostar and to seek solutions for these problems.

“I will ensure that everyone in Republika Srpska get interested in problems facing Serbs in Mostar since these are our people and it does not make any sense that they have not been able to get basic rights for years,” Ivanic said after a meeting with representatives of the Coordination of Serbian Organizations in Mostar.

He has said that he visited Mostar several times in the past year, but that unfortunately, nothing has changed.

“Serbs are not a constituent people in four Cantons in the FBiH. European values, principles and whatever you like are being tested on this. This is happening because of the will of two political parties. It is horrible that no one is talking about this. Neither do I nor Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik have the right to overlook this. It is our obligation to speak about this every day. The silence from international organizations is astonishing,” Ivanic has said.

He noted that it is inadmissible that Serbs do not have any say in enacting the budget of the City of Mostar as it is signed only by a Croat and a Bosniak.

“The Coordination told me that investments for Serbian villages and projects were KM 50,000 in the budget in the amount of KM 50,000,000. This is horrible. There is no such negative attitude anywhere. Who can defend it, by what words?” Ivanic has asked.

He has said that Republika Srpska is very often reproached that there is a small number of Bosniaks and Croats in the administration, and what he heard here is in favor of the claim that it’s almost paradise in Republika Srpska.

“I got new energy to fight for the rights of these people, and I will fight. I will be here more often until at least one of these issues is resolved,” Ivanic has said.

He has said that one of his first steps will be to send a request to colleagues in the FBiH to enable a third signature to be put to the budget of the city of Mostar.

“I will ask that Dodik and I together request a resolution to the issue of constitutionality. I will ask that Serbs in Mostar have one election list if there are amendments to the Election Law,” Ivanic has said.

He has said that the SDA and the HDZ often use the Serbian people in Mostar for their political battles.

The president of the Coordination of Serbian Organizations in Mostar, Dusan Golo, has said that Ivanic expressed great interest in problems facing Serbs in Mostar and added that they discussed constitutionality, amendments to the Election Law and the fact that Serbian representatives are not taking part in drafting a budget for the City of Mostar.

“The budget is enacted by the FBiH Parliament and is signed by Mayor Ljubo Beslic and the head of the Financial Department, who is a Bosniak, so that Serbs do not have any influence,” Golo has said.

He noted that the reconstruction of 37 Serbian houses in Mostar which should be renovated from the Regional Housing Fund has been blocked for quite some time, and that the blockade is coming from the BiH Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees. 



Source: srna