September 05, 2016

Law enforcement and protection of state interests of Serbia in no way could endanger relations between Serbia and Croatia.

This is what Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said on Sunday.

Asked whether the arrest of C.C. who is suspected of espionage in favor of Croatia “could further harm relations between Serbia and that country,” Stefanovic said he does not think that law enforcement and protection of state interests of Serbia could in any way have that effect.

“If a country tries to actively participate in bringing down our state system, then that can only show that this country does not have good intentions towards Serbia,” Stefanovic said during a visit to police headquarters in Sid, a town in northwestern Serbia near the border with Croatia.

Asked to comment on the arrest that took place on Friday, Stefanovic said he “did not take part in that directly” and “cannot provide a concrete answer” – but that he was “confident that Serbian authorities are working according to the law.”

“As far as I know, this is about our citizen and accordingly legal procedures are being implemented,” Stefanovic said.

Source: Tanjug