December 06, 2016

The Public Institution “Memorial Zone Donja Gradina” believes that any public promotion of Ustasha symbols, which represent denial of history and humiliation of victims, is inappropriate, director of this institution Tanja Tulekovic told SRNA.

“NDH’s legal provisions legitimized ethnic cleansing of its territory and seizure of Serb and Jewish property, prohibited the use of the Cyrillic alphabet, and established the most notorious concentration camp during the Second World War, in which 700,000 innocent people – Serbs, Jews and Roma were killed in the most horrible torment,” says Tulekovic.

She has noted that the revision of history is underway in Croatia in the year which marks 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Jasenovac concentration camp and the beginning of the NDH’s genocidal policy.

“The proof of the genocidal intent is the mass graves in Donja Gradina, the largest execution site of the Jasenovac concentration camp. Dimensions of graves and their locations show that the mass liquidations were carried out systematically, with a clear objective, which is the genocide against Serbs, Jews and Romani people,” says Tulekovic.

On November 5, the veterans of the Croatian Defence Forces unveiled a memorial on which Ustasha’s greeting “For Homeland Ready” is engraved. The memorial is located in the Jasenovac centre near the former Ustasha’s concentration camp.

The Jasenovac concentration camp system represents the largest execution site in the Second World War on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. According to expert estimates, about 700,000 people, mostly Serbs, Jews and Roma, were killed in the camp in the period from 1941 to 1945.

Source: Srna