September 23, 2016

Renowned film director Emir Kusturica told Srna on Thursday that the referendum on the Day of Republika Srpska is of great importance for the entity because it is not a referendum about a date, but a vote of all our fellow citizens and benevolent people fighting not just for that day but for the freedom and preservation of our culture as well.

“First there was an attempt to abolish the name and anniversary of Republika Srpska and only then was the issue of referendum raised. If the order were opposite, or if it could have been opposite, we’d be talking about inappropriate behaviour of the president of Republika Srpska. Just like the defence of the freedom is always on the agenda with our people, so is the process that Bakir Izetbegovic is repeating and following in his father’s footsteps very visible,” said Kusturica.

Kusturica recalled: “When the Cutileiro plan guaranteed peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic, persuaded by US Ambassador Warren Zimmermann, rejected the peace plan he had previously agreed to. The same thing is happening now. Everything that Bakir Izetbegovic has in his arsenal has been launched to disturb the peace in BiH.”

“We wanted Andricgrad to be one of those symbols of peace, but I realised they didn’t want peace. Visegrad was indeed a town with the majority Muslim population but it was inhabited by the people from Konjic who had had to leave Konjic after the Dayton Peace Agreement and even before the treaty was signed, so I wonder – is it likely that this is the matter of absolute dominance and destruction of a culture opposite theirs,” Kusturica asked.

He said he thought that Andricgrad would be a town of peace and was built with such intentions in mind, but the thing is they don’t want peace.

“The way they are charging at Republika Srpska suggests that they don’t actually need peace, while we, the fools want to build monuments to peace and reconciliation, which was the actual plan behind Andricgrad,” the famous filmmaker said.

That is why, said Kusturica, as far as the referendum is concerned – if we miss one, they will have us at another one and that is why it is very important that we all go out to vote.

Source: Srna