August 24, 2016

By calling a referendum on Republika Srpska Day, the Republika Srpska leadership and citizens are confirming historical and political maturity, while the Bosniak poetical elite, by challenging it, is trying to create a dominance in the territory which they do not control.

As soon as the Bosniak political elite understands that it should not interfere with the political, economic and other issues of Republika Srpska, it will contribute to the normalisation of relations between the peoples in BiH.

Bosniak political circles, headed by Bakir Izetbegovic, do not want to see reality and this is seen in Izetbegovic’s announcement that he will file a motion with the BiH Constitutional Court for assessment of the constitutionality of the decision of the Republika Srpska Parliament to call a referendum on Republika Srpska Day.

Izetbegovic is aware that by filing an appeal with the BiH Constitutional Court pertaining to Republika Srpska Day he insulted a huge majority of Republika Srpska citizens since he tried to strip the Serbian people of their sovereignty, to humiliate them and demonstrate that he is the authority before whom everyone must bow.

He has only one goal, and this goal is to have Bosniaks from political Sarajevo decide on their own how BiH should look like. In other words, everyone who lives in Republika Srpska, the western Herzegovina and in majority Croat Cantons must stand under Izetbegovic’s flag.

All misunderstandings that exist in BiH are the result of the policy of Bakir Izetbegovic and his like-minded people.

Izetbegovic even called on members of the BiH Parliament, the FBiH Parliament and the Republika Srpska Parliament to jointly form a “patriotic front” which would stop alleged adventurous, anti-constitutional and illegal actions in Republika Srpska…

Instead of apologising to the Serbian people and Republika Srpska and making it clear that the appeal filed with the BiH Constitutional Court was legally unfounded, Izetbegovic asked Serbian MPs to help him in his plan to convert BiH into an exclusively Bosniak state!?

Izetbegovic’s claim that a “part of the government” in Republika Srpska is acting in an anti-constitutional way corresponds to his political “maturity” in which he is bypassing the fact that all Serbian parliamentary parties in the Republika Srpska Parliament supported the calling of a referendum.

The Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency and SDA leader is asking for aid from the OHR and IC representatives for his campaign, calling on them to side with Bosniaks and stop that which cannot be stopped anymore – the holding of a referendum in Srpska.

With such a road “paved” by Izetbegovic, Republika Srpska is losing both money and time every day, since in its constant defence from “attacks” from Sarajevo it cannot pay enough attention to its developmental, economic, social and other priority issues.

Source: Srna