May 16, 2016

​ Application by the Agency for Intermediary, IT and Financial Services of Republika Srpska (APIF) for participation in the European Commerce Registers’ Forum (ECRF) was accepted at the conference organized by this organization and Corporate Registers Forum (CRF) from 09-13 May 2016 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Thereby, APIF has become the 32nd European organization which takes part in the work of this body.

At the conference,  Republika Srpska was represented by the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the Republika Srpska and APIF.

The purpose of establishing and participating in the European Commerce Registers’ Forum is to promote cooperation and exchange of information and experiences among European organizations dealing with commerce registers. Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro are already present, and Slovenia joined this year.

As a reminder, the European Union has adopted directives governing exchange of information between commercial registers of individual countries.

While implementing a business registration reform, the Republika Srpska also established a unified register of business entities of the Republika Srpska and thereby created conditions for participation in such organizations.