February 21, 2014

Preparations have begun for the opening of the antimony mine near Novo Gorazde, confirmed the Mayor of Novo Gorazde, Dalibor Neskovic.

A concession agreement for a period of 30 years was signed last year by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines with “Mineko Group”. Namely, “Mineko Group” plans to revitalize the mine, considered to be one of the richest in the region, said Neskovic.

The value of research works, which will last until the end of June 2016, is 4.6 million KM.

Neskovic explained that 60 workers will be hired for the first phase of exploration, while the municipality will receive 4% of the annual income from the newly formed company “Antimon”.

The abandoned antimony mine in Novo Gorazde has a 7.2 km tunnel and access roads, while this region has a tradition of family mining.