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Serbia and B&H stress need to improve relations


Srpska’s Member of the B&H Presidency Nebojsa Radmanovic and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic agreed in Belgrade that  relations between the two countries need improvement.

Radmanovic told reporters after the meeting that he will make sure that B&H and Serbia cooperate as much and as good as they can in the future.

Radmanovic and Nikolic also spoke about the process of EU accession and concluded that cooperation should continue in that regard.

When it comes to the crisis in Ukraine, the two officials agreed that “small Balkan countries should not impose sanctions on Russia.”

Radmanovic added that not everyone in B&H has the same opinion on the issue and that there isn’t an official stance on the matter.

“It is well known that we in B&H have opposing views regarding the interpretation of the UN Charter and territorial integrity and regarding the legitimacy of the Ukrainian government”, said Radmanovic.


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