Vlada RS
December 12, 2013

The Government of Republika Srpska adopted the Proposal on the Public Investment Program for the period 2014-2016. The total value of contracted capital investments is 1.8 billion KM, while the value of announced additional investments is 4.1 billion KM.

Contracted capital investments mostly refer to infrastructure, of which 35.51% of total investments is intended for transport infrastructure. 16.41% is intended for industry, energy and mining and 15.9% for agriculture, forestry and water.

Contracted capital investments would mainly be financed from foreign sources, 81.9 %, while the remaining 18.1 % will come from domestic sources.

Out of the priority investments without secured funding sources, 70.18% refers to the sector of industry, energy and mining, followed by the transport and communications sector.

All ministries were involved in the making of the document of public investment, whilst the the Ministry of Finance consolidates the information with the aim of displaying key performance indicators.